Using The Search Effectively


BodyMapSnap has a powerful search that works just like a web search engine; so natural that we almost don’t have to really explain how it works.

But unlike web search engines, we gave our search engine with some useful medical skill sets. If you understand these skills you can get a lot more out of your search.

Date Related Skills

Imagine yourself looking for some photos you’ve taken yesterday in the PM but don’t quite remember other things like the exact patient name.

BodyMapSnap understands the following words in your search:

Today, this morning, yesterday, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun, last week.

You can try phrases like "last tue", "yesterday afternoon", "friday morning."

You can also search by calendar date. If it is within the last 12 months, all you need to do is type in month/date. For, example 08/27. Beyond that 08/27/12 will look for this century as 08/27/2012. For other centuries you can fully qualify that with, for example, 08/27/1999.

Note that for entering dates, please use 01-09 as numbers; like 08/07. This is because 1/2 could mean a half or 01/02 and can get confusing results.

In addition, you can narrow the search by “morning”, “afternoon”, or “evening.” For example, you can search by “Tuesday afternoon” or even “07/16 morning.”


This is a very familiar situation… Imagine someone calls you and says, “It’s patient McCormick. Please search for it.”  Now, the search becomes suddenly very difficult. Either you could spell the name incorrectly, or the patient could spell her name in a less common way, such as “MacCormich

With BodyMapSnap, you won’t have to sweat these details. Type in just how the name sounds like to your ears, and the app will do the magic. Whether the patient’s name was entered incorrectly or you guessed the patient name’s spelling, we will find them for you!

Does this work with complex Latin medical terms? Yes. Again, just type in how it sounds like to you.


MRN and Accession Search Tips

There is no need to type in the entire ID. Only the last 4-5 digits of an ID will be sufficient. You also do not need to qualify whether it is an MRN or Accession number. We will find them in both places.



BodyMapSnap Search can find the patient name, MRN, Accession, reason for study, image annotations, and if the document scanning feature is used, anywhere in the document. Please tell us if we should extend this to collaboration chat texts.

You are probably pretty used to major search engines, so BodyMapSnap’s search will feel natural to you.

This is just one of many ways we are simplifying your clinical days.

BodyMapSnap: Simple, Secure, Smart