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Are you wondering what the phrases Visible Light Imaging and Encounter Based - Mobile Clinical Workflow mean?
Get answers to your questions.

Thursday April 4, 2019
Session A: 9 AM Pacific Daylight Savings Time
Session B: 10 AM Pacific Daylight Savings Time

It will be held using the Meeting online with Live Video. Please attend with your desktop or a mobile tablet.

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About This ZenSnap Enlightenment Webinar Session

Encounter Based Imaging Workflow vs. Radiology Workflow

You probably have heard about the Encounter Based Imaging Workflow (EBIW) IHE profile and especially how Visible Light Imaging plays a key role in this workflow. This is an educational session to learn about them with ample opportunity to ask questions, and also learn about our implementation experience in a major hospital.

Who Should Attend:

Enterprise Imaging IT professionals who would like to learn about the EBIW profile as well as for clinical users especially in Ultrasound, Vascular Surgery, Cardiology, Orthopedic Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Dermatology, and Family practices where this will be used more frequently.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand the basics of the IHE Encounter Based Imaging Workflow (EBIW)

  • The difference between the EBIW and the Radiology Imaging Workflow.

  • Why you should care about the EBIW.

  • What is Visible Light Modality.

  • How this becomes important in your workflow and possible uses.

  • How do the VL fit in your workflow, benefits and pitfalls.

  • What types of solutions are there and the role of mobile devices in both the EBIW and the traditional Radiology Imaging Workflow.

  • Our current implementation experiences based on vascular surgery, pediatric radiology and plastic surgery.