ZenSnapMD is, first and foremost, a Camera-First app. We've given a lot of thoughts into this part of the app. Please take a moment to learn how to use our camera mode and get the most out of it.



Open App Store and Install

Search for “ZenSnapMD” once the Apple App Store app is open.

App is download is free, please install it on your iPhone or iPad or both.

When the app has launched…

Tap Create Wingu Account or use your Google Account to sign up.

Check your email to confirm you new account.

Smart Camera Start


1. NEW

Starts an anonymous encounter. Don't bother with patient information, just tap this and start taking the photos first, then deal with demographics input later when you have time. App will automatically group a new photo session for an encounter. 

2. Patients

Show your existing patient list, then begin a new encounter with that patient.

  • Private Practitioners: The list will build as you create more patients. More on creating patients later in this page.

  • Enterprise Users or Cloud EHR Integrated Users: This list will be based on EHR imaging orders and priors in the PACS.

3.Activity List and Continue Buttons

  • Tapping on Activity List will cancel the camera mode and it takes you to the encounters and collaboration activity list.

  • Continue button may appear if a photo session is already in progress. For example, if you switched away from ZenSnapMD to answer a call or switch to another app and came back to ZenSnapMD, you can carry on from where you left off.

Camera Mode


1. Patient Label Area

This area shows the patient name. You can tap this at any time to open the patient information form to enter Patient Name, MRN, Order ID, DOB, Gender, and Reason for Study comment.


  1. SCAN: This will activate the Text Recognizer (OCR) algorithms. Use this to take patient labels, order sheets, and printed medical record photos. Texts in these documents become searchable.

  2. PHOTO: Use this to take a plain photo without a bodymap.

  3. BODY: Use this mode to use a Body Map tap to identify the gross anatomical location and laterality.

  4. SIZE (limited beta): Use this to measure the wound size using size marker in the view.

3. Exit Camera Mode, Open Activities

Exit the camera mode, and open the activities list. 

4. Swipe Left & Right

Flipt the Body Map between Posterior or Anterior view.

Not Numbered in the illustration

  • The top 3 buttons performs Flash On/Off, Front and Rear Camera Switch, and BodyMap A/P changes.

Other How To Articles

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