The Company

WingMD, Inc. is a privately held company established 2014 in Palo Alto, California. It is structured as a Delaware C corporation.

The company was founded by Oliver Aalami, MD and Manabu Tokunaga to design, develop and market Visual Mobile Medical Collaboration and Integration Solutions to enhance care delivery workflow for physicians, suppliers, payers and patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are the founder's bios?

  • Why did you start the company?

    • The story is summarized in Dr. Aalami's Blog here.

  • Who are the investors?

    • We are privately held by the founders and have no immediate plans to raise external capital. We are a member of StartUp Health, which provides start-up assistance.

  • Do you own any IPs?

    • Our product is covered by one or more of US Patents.

  • Who are your primary partners?

    • We are closely partnered with Dicom Systems, which provides sales and integration with large hospital/provider Imaging and EHR systems, and their support.

    • We are an active member of StartupHealth and receive startup advise from them.

    • We have established HIPAA Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with Microsoft Azure, Doximity, Box and Google.

  • What is your SIC Code?

    • If asked we give 7373 - Computer Integrated System Design


Accessing Logos and Photos

Digital assets in JPG or PNG images and Adobe vector formats are available in our public Google Drive folders (Google account is not required.)

Please click the links below to explore. Pages should open in new browser windows. Occasionally Google Drives may conflict with your Google account permissions. If this happens, please request email attachment delivery at

Press Kit Master Folders

The following lines are Hyperlinks to appropriate assets.


  • Adobe Futura PT Family is our main identity font

  • Lato Hairline Google Font for UI Screen and Logo Components

  • Adobe Freight Sans Pro in our business cards and names

  • Web Site

    • Based on SquareSpace Hayden template, which is heavily Futura PT

    • Gruppo Google Font (available in Hayden's template) for Banner Headings.

Corporate Colors

WingU Matcha #00A88B  PANTONE  Green C Permitted

WingU Matcha #00A88B
PANTONE Green C Permitted

WingU Matcha Latte #80AAA0  PANTONE  5565 C Permitted

WingU Matcha Latte #80AAA0
PANTONE 5565 C Permitted

  • Use WingU Matcha for backgrounds in major headings, UI toolbar tops and as a fill color for large fonts

  • Use WingU Matcha Latte for sub headings, UI Cell View heading backgrounds.

  • Any other hues are avoided; stick with different shades of gray. This is to avoid conflicts with colors in user photos.

  • Various shades of dark brown/maroon tones may be used for footers and other "bottom" margin fills. Please see the example on our web site.