Why WinguMD BodyMapSnap

Why use a thousand words when a single mobile photo can deliver a vivid diagnostic story in a few seconds.

Rely on mobile photos to document, share and discuss your clinical findings and make amazing gains in your productivity.

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Not Just Another Secure Photo App


use anywhere

Retrieve your data anywhere and anytime from our Microsoft Azure backed HIPAA compliant cloud.

Your staff needs to download images for your payer approval process? Use our desktop browser app, included free.

Need to batch import photos? We can migrate them for you (learn more)

Body MAP Based ShuTTER TAp

Just one tap on the screen, it captures...

- The Photo
- Body Location
- Laterality (L/R)
- Time/Date Stamp
- Geo Location

US Patented


Group photos automatically by patient encounters — even without orders.

Use Smart Unified Search and search across different PACS and EHR systems from a single search field.


Move yourself and your team instantly to our HIPAA supporting environment and avoid HIPAA incidents.

Data are encrypted always — even our servers OS are encrypted.

Monitor potential issues with our HIPAA audit logs.

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Available Integrated Experience

Let us integrate BodyMapSnap to your hospital's IT systems.

  • Retrieve orders and start sessions.

  • Attach images to EHR or  modality studies.

  • Migrate your current photos.

capture anything You SEE

Preserve the complete story of a case with a single touch — labels, charts, meds, computer screens, instrument settings, LCD displays...

Use the scanner mode to scan printed orders, medical records, labels and bar codes, then use the search.



Instantly convert any phone into a viable size measurement device. Track pre & post Op healing processes.

US Patent Pending


TEAM Messaging

Stop PHI Exposing, HIPAA Violating Texting or Emailing activities — immediately.

Use our built-in Social media-like medically secure messaging experience, threaded per encounter, of course.

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