Not Using a Medical Photography App?

You already use photos in your personal communications to quickly share your stories.

Do the same with our medically designed mobile photo app for your clinical practice.
Become instantly HIPAA compliant.
Use our Encounter Based Workflow to naturally organize your workflow.

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Smarter Mobile Medical Photo App


use anywhere

Just bring your smartphone or tablet. Nothing else.

Use anywhere and anytime the internet is available.

Use all your mobile features and apps seamlessly, including a flashlight!

Send images to your payers with our desktop browser app – included free.

Import your existing photos (learn more)

BodyMAP Based ShuTTER TAp

Never miss an important moment—the app always starts in camera mode.

Tap on the screen just once. It captures:

- The Photo
- Body Location
- Laterality (L/R)
- Time/Date Stamp
- Photo Location (Drive-back instructions included!)

US Patented


PHOTO capture

Use the smart document scanner mode to scan printed orders, medical records, labels and bar codes, then use the smart search.

Capture the details you would have otherwise lost forever.

Be creative; our users are capturing labels, charts, diagrams,  meds, monitors, instrument settings, implant device serial bar/QR codes, LCD displays, and more.


Your data is never shared with or sold to analytics companies without your explicit permissions.

Move yourself and your team instantly to our HIPAA supporting environment and avoid HIPAA incidents.

Data is always encrypted end-to-end in our HIPAA-Compliant Microsoft Azure Cloud infra.

Monitor potential HIPAA issues and perform access audits with our HIPAA logs.


Goes Beyond Secure Messaging Apps

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Available Integrated Experience

Integrate BodyMapSnap with your hospital's IT systems with industry standard DICOM, HL7, FHIR plus BOX APIs.

  • Retrieve orders and start sessions.

  • Attach images to EHR or start as new imaging orders.

  • Migrate your current photos.



Let BodyMapSnap naturally organize photos by patient encounters, preserving important clinical context.

Use our Smart Unified Search and search across different PACS and EHR systems from a single search field.



Convert any phone into a viable size measurement device instantly. Track Pre and Post Op healing processes.

US Patent Pending


Better SecurE

Prevent HIPAA Violating Texting or Emailing activities — immediately.

Use our built-in secure visual team messaging and notifications.

Use our unique Zoom Context Sharing, allowing you to precisely pinpoint the region of interest in an image.

You already know how to use it.
Simple, easy, fast and secure.

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