DEFINITELY BEFORE December 5, 2017

Regardless of whether you want to migrate your data to BodyMapSnap or use another vendor, you should immediately export your data and archive them to your desktop; definitely before December 5th, 2017, their end-of-life date using their export instructions.

If you decide to import your data to BodyMapSnap, use our Modica Data Migration Service. Try WinguMD BodyMapSnap today for free and see our app will fit to your situation. You can continue your visible light image capture, encounter sharing. We can add in your Modica images and can even export your images via our DICOM interface to your VNA and PACS and take care of your migration. For additional information, please Contact Us today. 


Why BodyMapSnap


Pictures are worth a thousand words and tell a vivid story when it comes to medical diagnosis and care.

As a clinician in the trenches, you should rely on photos to collaborate and document more rapidly and efficiently with your care team, without worrying about security and compliance.

WinguMD is passionate about building the smartest image capture solution,  and will continue to provide you the tools never before possible by leveraging the tremendous data each photo captures through our clinical imaging science and medical IT knowhow.

What We do



We integrate with EHR, DICOM PACS System, Box, TigerText, Spok Mobile, or can send images to any file folder. 

Body Location Tagging

One tap gets you...

1) Body location/Laterality

2) Time/Date Stamp

3) Geo Location

3) Secure upload

Searchable Annotations

Search & group photos by body part, patient name, ID, date, comments without a worry about how to exactly spell tem.

Take a photo of a patient label for order info or a printed chart page. You can search for them.

HIPAA Compliant Storage & Sharing

Encrypted access, transmission and storage and full audit capabilities.

How About You?

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