WingU Cloud API

Perfect Choice for
mHealth Researchers and mHealth App Developers

  • Leverage our clinical mobile photo acquisition, storage, management and security capabilities.
  • Save time and money. Avoid the high costs and time in learning complex DICOM, HL7, or FHIR protocols, or getting involved in customer integration management projects.
  • Use the same WinguMD HTTPS REST APIs that we rely on ourselves.
  • Free to use with professional level subscribers

Your Options for Agile Development

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API Approaches - BOX (1).png

FILE DROPs—Yes, File Drops—we do IT the HIPAA WAY

By far the simplest, tried-and-true way to grab the data from our server is for us to drop files off in your desktop or server folders. Just add the BOX App on your desktop. BOX adds the HIPAA-compliant secure file transfers.

We push acquired photos quickly to your designated BOX folder on your Windows or Mac. Scan the directory or use File Watcher APIs in most language platforms to detect the arrival of new images.

We can also provide more information about the file in BOX's Metadata, enough to form a DICOM file for your later use.


REST API Access from Your Backend App

Write your app in the programming language and environment of your choice, for example in R, Python, Express, C#, Scala, etc., and fire REST API calls over the HTTPS protocol.

We use a Java/Scala-based backend in-house, and our mobile apps consume the exact same APIs.


WRITE A Single Page Web APP

The same REST APIs can be called directly from your web applications with, for example, Angular or React codes in the browser. 

We use the same APIs to implement our own web portal written in straight JavaScript and TypeScript on top of Angular and Mithril with Bootstrap.

Deep Links.png

Deep Linking and uri-based wake-up calls

Your app, including web-based, can wake up BodyMapSnap to show specific studies.

By combining these capabilities with your image processing or deep learning processing, and by pushing the resulting images or textual info (you generate the image ID) to us from your backend, you can provide a seamless experience to your users.

A simple way to integrate, for example, is to form a URI to open a specific part of the app or study, and include the URIs in SMS or Email messages. A URI does not contain any PHI, and it can be used to securely launch BodyMapSnap.


Example Functionalities

These are a small subset of all our API functions. Please contact us for your specific needs. We're happy to help you with coding advise. Visit the Contact Page.


  • Create a Patient

  • Query and Retrieve a Patient

  • Retrieve a Patient List

  • Update a Patient


  • Create a Study

  • Query and Retrieve a Study

  • Retrieve a Study List

  • Update a Study

  • Delete a Study


  • Add an image to a Study

  • Query and retrieve images per Study

  • Update an Image or Image Metadata

  • Delete an Image


  • Trigger an OCR

  • Trigger a size estimation algorithm

  • Trigger a DICOM image export


  • Query and Retrieve a User or a User List

  • Invite a user to a Study

  • Send a message to a user