Stupid Mac Trick: Finally Fixed - Apple Magic Mouse 1 Disconnection Problem!

You probably have one lying inside of your desk drawer. You probably gave it up because it constantly disconnects whenever you lift it and drop it on the hard desktop surface. You probably don’t even know what’s causing the disconnection issue.

The main cause of this? There is a bit of a design flaw. When you drop it on a hard desk surface, the heavy AA batteries bounces inside of the case and temporarily disconnects from the contacts.

My first solution is to put a bunch of padding inside of the door, but that did not quite work as the padding get compressed or too much padding causing the door to bulge out.

This week, after the 5th year or so of owning it, I finally came up with the best solution so far.

The trick is to use the Museum Putty and push that into both ends of the batteries in the middle. Like this photo. Museum Putty can be bought at most hardware stores or art supply stores to keep things like Vases and Pictures from falling off the shelf—a must in California living.

This will eliminate 95% of the battery bounce issue. If you try to really slam the mouse, you can still bounce the batteries.

Try it, and see how it works and let me know.


Four Types of Investors Who are Not Really Investors

Often, I encounter an email with a subject line such as, “An investor is interested in your company!” or “Wow! Can we talk about your product?” If your morale is low from receiving too many “No’s” from potential leads, and your bank balance is dipping into the “E” side of the gauge, these emails can seem tempting.

I’ve realized now that most of these emails were not about an investment deal at all, but were actually asking me for my money. After experiencing and interacting with many of these, I want to share some things I’ve learned to save you some grief.

These “come-on’s” fall into four major categories…

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