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Imagine the power and ease of photo based instant communications with WhatsApp*™ or Instagram*™…

And further imagine the power of Encounter Based workflow where an your work flows in perfect harmony with your EHR plus Imaging systems…

That’s ZenSnapMD! Created by a vascular surgeon for his surgical team, ZenSnap is bringing workflow enlightenment every day— from big pediatric hospital clinical teams, plastic surgeons, family doctors to orthopaedic doctors…

It’s the clinical tool you have been searching for.


A+. in Cloud Security (Source: Qualis SSL Lab)

A+. in Cloud Security (Source: Qualis SSL Lab)

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Securely Capture, organize and your photos and videos by clinical visits with our Encounter Based (learn more) flow. Use our Smart search to find photos even in order sheets and reports. Photos are never captured in your photo albums, but are securely sent and stored in our encrypted Microsoft Azure Cloud storage** enabling your HIPAA compliance.


  • ECG Wave Displays

  • Sonographer Worksheets and Charts

  • Order Forms - App will make them searchable.

    ** For professional cloud users. On premise installs available.


Visually discuss, educate, track and document your care coordination anytime and anywhere using our encounter based Team Chat secure collaborative messaging.

Use our unique Zoom State sharing technology to pinpoint the region of interests in your discussions without a need to spend a lot of time drawing on a small mobile screen.

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Created by a major PACS engineer, it smoothly integrations with your enterprise imaging system with the industry standard DICOM, HL7 and FHIR. Begin your clinical encounter with our Smart Schedule Worklist that integrates both Admission Discharge and Transfer records and Modality Imaging Orders. For radiologists, photos and document images will “Hang” next to your modality images like Ultrasound, MR, CT, and Radiograph cases. Helping everyone understand the episode of care so much more clear and easier. without a need to open up a media tab on your EHR.

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Learn from hospital users to private practice users how they are gaining months of productivity a year and ensuring HIPAA compliance.

Learn more about our technical features supporting all your enterprise integration and security compliance needs.

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