WinguMD RSNA 2018 Highlights

Version 4.png

BodyMapSnap 4.0

We’ll be announcing BodyMapSnap 4.0. The biggest change on this version is the support for MP4 video capturing and sharing. MP4 to JPEG DICOM Multi-Frame images will also be available in January 2019 for our enterprise customers. If your PACS viewer support Ultrasound clips. You can view the videos.


Ask Us Our Approach to Encounter Based Imaging Workflow

Many clinical users have been asking us about our approach to Encounter Based Imaging Workflow. We approach this in a very flexible way without breaking your current workflow and without a need to add any extra methods or devices to accomplish both Order Based and Encounter Based. This is used successfully in Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and our base of private practice clinicians. In both cases valuable metadata will be fully available for use either in the PACS, EHR or within our system. There will be an IHE Encounter Based Workflow meeting at RSNA, you may want to attend that meeting especially if your workflow involve point-of-care ultrasound acquisition and photography. (Tuesday 11/27 12 PM-1 PM S105C McCormick South).


“Alexa” of EHR—New NLP AI Partnership with

As a part of our AI Platform Initiative for 2019, we will be showing technology which will be our Reporting AI technology partner to provide Alexa like speech recognition. We will also be using the technology for clinical note taking. CEO of, Dr. Robert Grzeszczuk and myself will be providing a live demo of this technology. If your workflow involves your ER department this will be very powerful addition to your tools. This is a work in progress presentation.


Wound Assessment AI Initiatives Updates

We have been working on AI technology to detect wound conditions from photos. This will become an important technology for our system to have a grasp of the context of the images especially in post-operative follow-ups and long-term and tracking bed-sores of immobile patients. This is a work in progress presentation.


US Patent Grant Approved for Our Size Measurement System

We are happy to announce that the US Patent Office will be able to approve a grant for our size measurement technology. Our simple paper based smart ruler technology can convert any photographic device to a viable size measurement device. This is a great tool especially for clinical users located in remote regions of the world with a limited budget to purchase mobile devices.