Statistical Facts About mHealth

1,085,783 Doctors

The total number of doctors registered in the US (Source:

2,857,180 Registered Nurses

The total number of registered nurses in the US in 2016 (Source:

90% Doctors Admit

Nearly a 90% of doctors used their personal mobile phones in clinical use.

Source: Chan N, Charette J, Dumestre DO, Fraulin FO. Should 'smart phones' be used for patient photography?. Plast Surg (Oakv). 2016;24(1):32-4.

Poor Communications Cost 1M/Yr/Hospital

Nearly $1 million could be saved per hospital per year by replacing pagers with secure messging for clinical communications during three critical workflows: patient admissions, coordinating emergency response teams and patient transfers. (Source: Imprivata)

93% Doctors Believe mHealth will Improve Health

74% of Hospitals Think Mobile Make Them Efficient