BodyMapSnap 3.6.8 Is Here

We will be switching over our server with our next major release BodyMapSnap 3.6.8 (we had 8 internal beta iterations) on Friday, 2 February 2018 in the evening. 

There will be a short server downtime surrounding this event.

After the server is up, we will release the 3.6.8 app on the AppStore.

We have made some significant updates and improvements along with the usual "performance and stability" improvements.

Your current 3.5.x version will not support all of the latest API changes we made so the update is mandatory.

We came a long way from 1.0, and you will notice the continued evolution in BodyMapSnap. Rather than providing a lengthy list, I invite you to watch a short 2.5 minute video to see the changes.