Why We Developed ZoomShare

You might already have seen our ZoomShare feature. If you pinch on an image, a button on the bottom of the screen appears saying “Share.”

At first, you might think it is a bit strange why you would want to do this.

But, Why?

The context is the most important aspect of collaboration. So, not losing your viewing context is our number 1 priority. The next important WinguMD philosophy is to significantly accelerate your communications. Together we have designed a truly effective and efficient way for you to communicate in medical settings.

Now, let's imagine that you find a part of the picture that you have a concern with and want to discuss about that specific part.

One way, you probably have seen, is to let you draw an arrow, line or a circle. In radiology workstations, this is called a Region of Interest (ROI).  On desktop computers, you can use a mouse to draw shapes and it’s relatively easy to do.

Try drawing on a tiny mobile screen with your finger. It will take a lot of time to get it right. We believe that simple stretching and panning is a great deal faster. So, this is our method: you can stretch, pinch, zoom, and center the area of interest in the picture naturally and carry on with the rest of the conversation. 

How to Use BodyMapSnap ZoomShare

While viewing the full image, place two fingers on the image and using the stretching or pinching action zoom in to the image with the size you desire, then with one finger, you can pan the image to center the area of interest. You probably have used these gestures already from other apps.

BodyMapSnap ZoomShare is very simple and quick way to share your viewing contexts.

BodyMapSnap ZoomShare is very simple and quick way to share your viewing contexts.

Once it looks right, press the share button and the image is shared with the rest of the team in the discussion. The original image is not altered. The zoomed version will appear in the chat message, and if you tap on it, you will see the full screen version of it.

It really is just as simple as that.

From our natural language search to text reader to this, WinguMD's goal is to make your medical collaboration easier, faster, accurate and of course secure.