WinguMD Joining GE Ventures & Startup Health Entrepreneurship Program


Oliver Aalami, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Cofounder

WinguMD has a very clear mission: to build the best mobile medical photography solution. Photos are an extremely powerful way to document and communicate, and we are building the platform to enable just that, for healthcare. That is why we are thrilled to partner with StartUp Health and GE Ventures to gain more traction and scale with GE’s global network. 

StartUp Health offers a visionary team and has been phenomenal to work with thus far.  They see the potential of digital and mobile to transform all aspects of healthcare. We are excited to participate in their program to get the industry and market intelligence necessary to be successful in today’s ecosystem. We are also excited to join their national community to help improve the delivery of healthcare and touch as many lives as possible! 

2016 will be an exciting year for us filled with more EHR and imaging network integrations (such as DICOM Systems) as well as feature roll-outs to enhance user experience and image analysis. There are also many medical specialty-specific features being developed—stay tuned! 

Photos truly tell a story. We are passionate about making “dumb” JPEGS “smart” for healthcare with structured metadata and integration into the legal medical record. Too much data is being left on the table today with the explosion of the non-medical grade mobile digital media being generated for healthcare. We get it and want to  leverage the efficiency associated with this behavior and are working hard to incorporate it into the existing clinical workflows. As part of the GE Ventures & Startup Health Entrepreneurship Program we are even more confident that we can achieve our goals.