In Beta Now, General Release on August 12th, 2019

smartest most EVOLVED & MOST INTEGRATED secure clinical communications SysteM

Start saving 30 min or more/day in your workflow. Stay focused on care, not on EHR workstations.


Take Photos
Scan Documents
Shoot Videos
Take Size Calibrated Photos*

*US Patented 10,169,882 B1
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File Photos for Your Media Folder or For Your PACS

Supports both EHR media acquisition and DICOM Workflow modes.

*Requires HL7 and DICOM integration


Team Chat

Discuss Cases Securely

Our EHR AI Assistant is a member of your team.

Chat securely and safely without mixing up patients with anyone with our our unique per-encounter discussion channels.

Or ask our EHR AI and say “Is the report for patient Smart Ready?”, “Any sign of infection?” or “Start exam, room number 7.”


Access Medical Records Anywhere

Your window to the EHR in your palms.

*Requires SMART on FHIR® or HL7®


Draw and Share Regions

View and Share Your own or other peoples’.


Compare Side By Side

With the magic of Zoom Sync


Never Lose a Picture

Field Tested clinical-grade mobile reliability. Designed to work in the worst signal conditions.

** Not just limited to airlift or ambulance operations, your low WiFi corners of your hospital or exam rooms are also covered!

Learn how large hospital users and private practice users are gaining months of productivity a year and ensuring HIPAA compliance.

Learn more about our technical features supporting all your enterprise integration and security compliance needs.

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